Is Your Master Key System Weak?

Is Your Master Key System Weak?

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A master key system is deemed as a premium quality access mechanism for businesses, schools, offices, and domestic complexes. It is used to provide the owner of the establishment full control of who gets to which part of the property. It is also considered dependable because unlike other locking systems, it is not as easy to pass through. But is it, really?Is Your Master Key System Weak?

A New Master Key Can Be Made

Unfortunately, just like with other keys, an expert in break-ins can have a new key cut as a replacement for the master key. The bigger disappointment is if some ill-meaning people were able to create the master key using basic materials as metal file and few blank keys, they could open all the locks within the entire system. That makes every locked door vulnerable to an intrusion. How can you manage through such weakness? We give you essential tips. Read on.

Tip #1: Protect your keys. Do not give your master key or any of the keys within the system get to the hands of unauthorised third party. If one gets to at least one key, the reproduction of the master key will become so easy for them.

Tip #2: Use high-end locks and other devices to reinforce security. You cannot be too sure with just one installed.Take hold of whatever resources available in order to impose stronger security measures against threats. You may have a deadbolt, peephole, security cameras, and alarm systems to enjoy a higher level of protection.

Tip #3: Try to limit the scope of possible attacks by procuring different master key systems for different groups instead of using just one for the entire property.

In the end, it is not enough that you have the most promising security product installed. It is important that you know how to strengthen your defences with additional security measures no matter how advanced you believe your door locks to be. This is true for homeowners and business owners alike. You cannot measure the amount of trauma and inconvenience a break-in and any similar act could cause you. So it is crucial that you learn how to find your way around them. As they say, prevention is better than cure; it is better to be safe than sorry. To enjoy tougher defence, make sure that you call in for our professional locksmith help to assess and upgrade your lock and key systems.

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