UPVC Door Locks

If you own a UPVC door, you probably know how important it is for it to be in perfect condition. Count on our team to fix or replace the lock, as well as align the door.

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It is a fact that UPVC door locks have come a long way since they were first introduced. Now they are resistant to snapping and all of the other major break-in techniques used by burglars. At the same time it is your responsibility to keep an eye on their condition, and this includes taking care of any issue that emerges in the fastest possible manner in order not to compromise your security. Here are some of the services we are often called for.

Lock Repair

UPVC Door LocksThe most basic lock repair involves cleaning and lubrication. This is a solution that is used when the key is difficult to turn or when the cylinder is frozen due to a combination of low temperature and considerably high humidity. However, if the inspection of the internal components reveals that one or more of them are damaged, they will be replaced. In some cases, it is better for the entire lockset to be changed. This is the case when the locking mechanism is broken and the latch can't go in or out.

UPVC Door Adjustment

Most often, a door will get misaligned with the frame when the hinges are loose. It is less likely but not impossible for it to happen following an installation. The flag hinges generally offer more room for adjustment given their design and structure compared to the traditional butt ones. If the hardware components are severely damaged or broken, they will be replaced with new ones of the same type for accuratedoor alignment.

Lock Replacement

When the damage is beyond repair there is no choice and the lock has to be changed. However, damaged locksets are not the only case a replacement is called for. This applies to outdated locks as well. Given the current paces of technological advancement, these devices become outdated more quickly than ever before. That is why they should be replaced on a regular basis. It is up to you to decide on the rate.

Choose our company for lock repair and replacement as well as to take care of the door itself. Our technicians at Locksmith St Albans are highly qualified, and there is no lock and key related issue they cannot handle.

Give us a call or leave us a message for service or questions, and feel free to go over our website for more information.

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