Ways To Protect Your Car

Ways To Protect Your Car

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You probably have noticed there is lot of car theft going on and unlike other similar crimes, thieves in the auto theft field are not only more organized but also smarter than thieves who do other kind of stealing. This simply makes things harder for people who want to protect their vehicles on unknown territories. It might sound a bit challenging, but actually there are some safety measures that you can follow to keep your automobiles safe.

Security ensured with our expert workWays To Protect Your Car

*   Lock your vehicle: That is no brainer, but you’ll be amazed to know almost 50% of stolen cars were left unlocked. So, regardless of what kind of security system or lock you’ve installed on your vehicle, if it’s not locked then it is not secured.

*   Second set of keys: It might seem like a good idea to keep a second set of keys in your car, but thieves know know this is one of the first places to look at. Obviously if a thief gets only a slight idea of you having an extra set of keys inside the car then he/she will automatically be motivated to break the window and steal the car.

*   Park smartly: There are a couple of things you must consider while parking your car in public or in parking lot. Prefer parking your car in attended parking lots because it is harder to steal a car in front of witnesses.

*   Don’t leave your car: Some of us leave our vehicles unattended in front of ATMs and gas stations and this mostly happens in cold weather, because people do it to keep the engine warm. How much time a thief needs to steal a car which is already ready to be stolen? So, be smart.

*   Valuables in sight: Leaving valuable items in sight in your car is the most common mistake we all make. Valuable items motivate thieves to break the window and steal those items and this sometime leads to auto theft too.

*   Use the garage: If you are lucky enough to have a garage at your place then use it. Don’t be lazy and don’t park your car outside because this way you will encourage and help thieves to tow or steal your car.

Following the above mentioned tips and advices will significantly reduce the chances of getting your vehicle stolen yet you have to be up to date according to your region or neighbourhood to keep your automobiles safe.

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